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A list of race and racism news you might have missed

A photo taken through a microscope shows HeLa cells cultured from tissue taken from Henrietta Lacks. The cells appear on a black background. They are stained with additives that make them appear cyan blue with a purple center and red fringe on the edges.

“The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.”

The above 1968 Martin Luther King Jr. quote is one of my mantras. It loops through my head whenever I feel especially pessimistic about the state of the world, and/or Black people’s place in it. And when…


This week’s roundup of race and racism news

“Missing White Woman Syndrome”: It’s a term coined by the late journalist Gwen Ifill to describe the way the disappearances of young, attractive White women seem to dominate media coverage while missing people of color rarely command such attention. Seventeen years after Ifill named this phenomenon, it’s again being cited…


Catch up on the stories of Blackness you might have missed

There’s no overarching theme to this week’s collection of race and racism news. But like every week, it provides examples of Black people persisting and fighting against a world that’s trying to crush them — whether it’s a homeowner trying to preserve a piece of the American dream, Haitian groups…


Catch up on the latest race and racism news you might have missed.

The stories in this week’s collection of race and racism news have really got me thinking about perspectives — namely, which perspectives are highlighted, and which are shunted to the shadows. Our first item has Black parents struggling to make critical race theory critics see how racism continues to impact…


Catch up on the latest race and racism news you may have missed.

A man standing in a crowd protesting at a park holds up a black sign with white text that reads: Fuck special treatment for cops

Last week’s racial news roundup took a hiatus as I took some time to immerse myself in nature and visit faraway family. I hope it gave you readers a respite, too — we all need one, because you can’t stay woke if life’s worn you the hell out, right? This…


Catch up on the race and racism news you might have missed.

The stories highlighted in this week’s roundup of race-related news illustrate how much harder it can be for Black people to get what’s due to them, whether that’s a home loan, medical treatment, or flood prevention infrastructure. …


This week, English soccer’s best players face racist threats while Black female athletes’ mental health issues are met with little sympathy

Several of this week’s selections got me thinking about the price Black people are sometimes forced to pay when they excel. There are always folks who seek to minimize or explain away our successes and maximize our failures or missteps. Black players on England’s national soccer team are facing harassment…

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Stephanie Siek is a writer and editor who loves cats, cookie dough and aborted alliteration.

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